3 Little Known E-mail Copywriting Strategies Unveiled

Simple Ways To Create Profitable Email Copywriting Campaigns Every Time

Do you think email copywriting is easy to do? Many people actually have this perception. It is due to the brevity of the emails that people think they're not too hard to. The subject line (about 40 characters long) is not very long. Nothing tough about that until you start building a list and find that nobody clicks through on your links. Since the beginning, when emails were first introduced, this has happened to literally millions of IMer worldwide. Obviously, there is much more to say about this, and much of it is not publicly understood.

The links that you put in each of your emails need to be clicked - that is your foremost and primary objective when doing email marketing. Yes, you want to provide good information, etc, but your most desired response is to get the click through. Do not be too clever when you do this however. People will see through anything that is done in a strange or clever way. What you need to do is leave them hanging, wanting more information. You can really motivate people to click by weaving a story that emotionally moves them. You really don't want people to feel disappointed when they get to your site. This can happen if you overdo the story that you tell. They should feel like they need more information, and if you leave them hanging just the right way, they will click through to your site.

It is important that you test many approaches when sending out emails. In fact, those who tend to do the best in IM are avid testers and frequently discover things on their own. If you really want to do some serious testing, split your list into multiple segments. Be careful when testing smaller components of your list, as you may dilute your results dramatically. A good course of action would be sending some of the list promotional offers, and the other part pure content. It is easy to mix and match this content, plus see what converts the best. This is really how you figure out your audience and fine tune your email copy.

All emails should have a call to action of some kind if you have a click here link you want them to click on. When sending your email, some of them should be purely informational. It is always a good idea to include links with most of your emails, especially when you're trying to properly do your email list marketing. Forget thinking about what people might want you to do, and simply do what you feel is click here correct.

If you use moderation, and common sense, you should be just fine. You can go too far and annoy the reader with too many calls to action in any copy. Once you try a few different things, you will develop a better sense of judgment when doing this. Good balance, especially with your list, is everything. An art form that only some people possess, email copywriting is something that only certain people are extremely get at. There are important lessons that need to be learned and processed when you try to do this. To get really good at this, you have to be willing to spend time in the trenches learning how to write in a profitable way.

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